HCC Supported Shree Krishnam Foundation to help the children and needy people

Date : 2021-05-17

Shree Krishnam Foundation basically works for the children and needy people. They suffered badly in COVID-19 plus flood and due to overall shutdown, there were no labor jobs, so life is becoming very much only a struggle for them.

Our main motive is to encourage the people by providing education to children and helping needy people.

Since last year, our team has been providing education to around 200 children at our education spot.

We are targeting to provide basic needs "Roti, Kapda & Makaan" (Food, Cloth & Shelter) to whatever extent we can.

For this good cause, how wonderful it is if we can sponsor and celebrate our joyous occasions & important days with these people.

Founder: Bhargav Shah

(Gujarat, India)

Co-Founder: Jignesh Shah

(+1 404 667 3972)

(New York, USA)

Please visit https://www.facebook.com/shreekrishnamfoundation/ for more information and updates.

Hicksville Cricket Club (HCC) supported Shree Krishnam Foundation by giving generous donation and to extend the helping hands for the needy and poor. With the great help of Hicksville Cricket Club, around 150+ families are getting free food for few of the days and satisfying hunger. Hicksville Cricket Club combines the joy of cricket and the great cause of charity to needy people. With god's grace we wish the best for our The HCC and hoping to grow more to help the community.

Thanks to all the donors for your most generous donation!

Also, we are proud to mention that Hicksville Cricket Club (HCC) is always in the front line to help the needy people and charities. Here is a quick recap of HCC’s contributions towards the great cause:


2016 Empowerment Skills International

2016 Sana Shaikh - A critical Liver Transplant fundraiser

2016 Save Indian Farmers - https://www.saveindianfarmers.org/

2017 Quest Alliance - https://www.questalliance.net/

2017 Ekal Vidhyalaya - https://www.ekal.org/

2017 Ashray Foundation

2017 Kasaragod Animal Welfare Trust

2018 Dean Foundation - https://www.deanfoundation.org/

2019 Save Hriday - A fundraiser for critical health condition of a kid

2021 Krishnam Foundation - https://www.facebook.com/shreekrishnamfoundation/

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