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Welcome to Hicksville Cricket Club (HCC)

Welcome to Hicksville Cricket Club (HCC) where "everything is for fun!" The group is open to everyone who wants to have fun.

Please note that the group bears no responsibility for any injuries incurred during the game, each member is playing at their own risk.

All members of the groups are responsible to maintain respectful demeanor on the ground as well as in the emails that includes not posting inflammatory comments, strong religious or political views or any racial comments of any sort.

This is not a registered group and there is no owner of the group. All members make the group and some people volunteer to take additional responsibilities such as administering the emails and maintaining account etc.

Our Events

  • HCC Supported Shree Krishnam Foundation to help the children and needy people

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Hicksville Cricket Club

Preparing for the awesome Cricket experience
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Title Year Donated
Dean Foundation 2018 $2500.00
Kasaragod Animal Welfare Trust 2017 $1000.00
Empowerment Skills International 2016 $1000.00
Sana Shaikh - Liver Transplant 2016 $1000.00
Save Indian Formers 2016 $3000.00

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Hicksville Cricket Club

Hicksville Cricket Club

Hicksville Cricket Club

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Feb 2020
  • NYTBCL Indoor Cricket Tournament

  • Name of the Tournament: NYTBCL Indoor Cricket Tournament
    Date: 2/15/2020
    Number of Teams: 16
    Team Position: Winner
    Finals Scorecard: https://cricclubs.com/NYTBCL/viewScorecard.do?matchId=142&clubId=9873

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Email : hicksville-cricket-club@googlegroups.com

Email : hicksvillecricketclub@yahoo.com

Hicksville, NY

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Phone: +01 3214 6581

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